Year 5: Monday 18th January

Bore da!
Firstly we’d like to thank you for your efforts last week. You are all doing so well and we are proud to see the amazing work you are producing. 
This week we will be learning about:
Maths = We are going to start a new focus today. It is about measuring. We will start by estimating and measuring objects using cm. We will also revise converting between cm and m. We will then go onto finding the perimeter and area of shapes.
English = We have completed our work on The Witches, so we are starting our new class reader topic which is Myths and Legends. We will also have a comprehension task at the end of the week.
Science = This week in science we are learning about which appliances in our homes are powered by mains electricity or batteries. 
Themau = We will continue to look at the Italian town of Manarola before researching a Welsh seaside town and comparing the two. 
RE = I will be sharing a bible story with you this week and you will be completing a storyboard activity using Google Slides.
Welsh = We will be creating menus. From this we will practise how to ask for / order food and say how much it will cost. 
We look forward to seeing the work you produce this week. We are very proud of you all and miss you lots,
Miss Harper and Mrs Edwards