Year 5: Monday 11th May

Bore da,

I hope that you have all had a good weekend. Last week was another great week where you completed some impressive work on Google Classroom and Purple Mash. I am impressed and so proud of you all! J


Here is your new work for the start of this week.



Monday – Not all pupils have handed in both of the activities for Gangsta Granny, so I would like you to work on that today for me please so that we are all ready to start the book tomorrow. For those that have completed both I would like you to do some thesaurus work for me. On the worksheet in lesson 1 you listed three adjectives that describe grandmothers in books. Use an online thesaurus to search for alternative words for these (we have done a similar activity in class). You could attach a photograph of your work to lesson 1, but you do not have to.

Tuesday – There will be a video posted on Google Classroom so you can listen to chapter one. I would like to you listen carefully and imagine the characters in your heads. You could even draw and label a picture of what you think they might look like.



Monday – In our maths work last week we talked about the digital root of numbers. I have got an investigation that I would like you to try today and tomorrow.

Part 1) The activity looks for patterns in the digital roots of numbers based on times tables.

Reminder: What does ‘digital root’ mean?



à Write out the 2× table. Find the digital root of each answer.   What pattern can you see?

à Repeat for the other times tables, including the 1× table.

à Can you spot any relationships between the patterns?


Tuesday – continued

Part 2) You will be completing a multiplication grid but using the digit root of all numbers. You will then be looking for patters. Finally there is a fun activity using circles to make patters of the digital root of each times table.


Maths work will be posted onto Google Classroom where you can then complete and return it to me. For those that have not yet signed up I have attached a copy here.



Nod y wers – To begin to understand how we see things and label a  diagram of the eye.

I would like you to follow the link to a video on BBC Bitesize about how eyes work. Listen carefully then label the diagram using the words underneath.

I will add this to our topic folder on Google Classroom and there is a copy attached here.


I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the pupils who have been sharing their amazing work on our stream on Google Classroom. I am amazed to see the hard work you are putting into your work. We had some beautiful Rangoli land art patterns, amazing bird feeders and bird boxes and most of all, lovely words of praise and encouragement to others.


We hope we have another great week and you all continue to be happy and well at home. All we can ask it that you try your best and remember that it is ok to make mistakes. 

We are missing you all so much,


Miss Harper, Mrs Edwards and Miss Scott


pdf icon Digital-root-investigation_part-1.pdf
pdf icon 2_How-eyes-see.pdf