Year 5: Glan Llyn

I have attached a copy of the PowerPoint that was used today during the talk. If you are unable to open the file here are the items which they will need:
•Warm Clothes – including gloves, hat etc. Waterproof coat a must! Waterproof trousers useful. •Night Clothes, slippers, cuddly toy! •Toiletries •Towel •Trainers / Shoes  / shoes – trainers are likely to get either wet or muddy at some point, so a spare pair is a good idea. •Plenty of layers – long sleeve tops no jeans for activities. •A “nice” outfit and possibly shoes for disco. •Sleeping Bag and Pillow Case •£10 spending money maximum – in change is always good. •Bin Bag labelled with their name for wet/dirty clothing. •Treats are fine in moderation! No eating/drinking allowed on the bus. •Please ensure that ALL items are labelled with your child’s name.  Please remember to return the health form and bring labelled medicines on the morning of departure. •Pupils will need to carry their luggage to their rooms themselves – please bear this in mind!
Pupils are to come to school as usual on Wednesday 13th. They can come to the breakfast club door and will carry their luggage to the hall. We will be leaving school at around 10:15 should any parents want to wave us off! You will receive a text message as we are leaving Glan Llyn on Friday 15th, with an estimated time of arrival. You can collect your children early, otherwise pick them up as normal at 3:15
Diolch, Miss Harper

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