Year 5: Friday 13th September

Well done year 5 and thank you for an amazing week. You have all tried so hard!

In maths we continued to revise place value of numbers with up to 5-digits and by the end of the week we were adding 4-digit numbers which total 5-digit numbers.

We are enjoying our class reader lessons and they have made some impressive lists of ways to recognise a witch. Also, as today is Roald Dahl Day, we had a party this afternoon.

It has been bible story week and our worship theme has been ‘new beginnings.’ We read the first three stories in our class bible and recorded how each links to the theme. We then thought of a time when we made the wrong decision or did something we regret doing as it was wrong. We visited the spiritual garden and rubbed mud onto clean, white stones. At the end of the day we washed them clean to remind us that Jesus washes away the sins of the world.

In our creative lessons this week we learnt about Gwilym Prichard, studying his artwork that features water (our themau focus this term). Pupils used oil pastels to recreate some of his famous prices of art. They are very impressive and will be displayed in school.

Homework has gone home today, which I would like to be returned on Wednesday.

Thank you again for a fun week, enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you all on Monday morning.

Miss Harper