Year 5: Dydd Mawrth 4 Mai

Bore da!
We have had a great start to the day and the class are busy working on their ‘hands on maths’ for the week. They are revising how to find the mode, range and median for a set of numbers. They’re using dice to find the numbers. After this, we will then practise finding the mean too.
In English we are looking at punctuation when using speech. We will then read the next chapter of the class reader book, Gangsta Granny, and locate the speech. 
In themau we are continuing our work on Victorian architecture. We will be looking for common features and using this knowledge to decide whether certain buildings were built before, during or after the Victorian era.
We will not have PE this week as we have teacher training days on Thursday and Friday. We will try to do some GoNoodle activities in class.
Miss Harper and Mrs Edwards