Year 5: 8/7/20 Home Learning Update

Bore da! We hope that you are all happy and well. 
Here are some activities for the end of this week. 
Maths – To multiply and divide by 10, 100 and 1000. If you are able to access Google Classroom, this task is there for you, along with a video which might help. Please see the pdf attached if you are enable to access this.
‘Gangsta Granny’ – On Google Classroom, you will find videos of Chapters 27,28 and 29. There is also a follow up activity for you to try.  
Cymraeg – you can use the ‘Matiau Iaith’ as shown in the photo attached to speak welsh at home. You will notice that one photo shows all of the questions and answers and the other is blank. You could try using the blank one once you feel confident! Go over the questions and answers a few times. Perhaps someone at home can speak welsh with you. There is also a video on Google Classroom to help you with this. You can also click ‘Hand in’ once you are done. 
The other activity that you could try is the Rainbow activity in the pdf attached. You could be as creative as you want with this – make it colourful if you can!
Enjoy the rest of this week and your weekend.