Year 5: 13/7/20 home learning update

Bore da!
We are now just days away from the end of term. 
Here are your activities for the start of this week. There will be a final home learning update on Wednesday. 
Maths – please see google classroom or the pdf attached for an activity on rounding decimals. The following links may help too (these are already on Google Classroom).
Rounding a price to the nearest pound is the same as rounding a decimal to the closest whole number. If the price is £2.80 you can round up to £3 because the number in the tenths position is 8 …

Gangsta Granny- we have nearly reached the end of the book! There are videos of 3 more chapters on google classroom and an activity on emotion words. The pdf is attached too – if you are unable to access google classroom, you could always have a go at the activity by thinking of another book you have read or a film you have watched.
The last activity is one where you can reflect on the skills you have learnt this year. What skills or new things have you learnt during lockdown? It might be to bake a cake, a new dance routine or making a cup of tea. Write or draw about each one on paper. You can upload a photo to google classroom if you are able to.
Stay happy and keep smiling!