Year 5: 1/7/20 Home learning update

Bore da!
We hope everyone is keeping well.
We hope that those of you who have been back in school have enjoyed the last two days. 
Here are some home learning activities for the rest of this week. 
Literacy – On Google Classroom, there is a video of chapters 21-23 of ‘Gangsta Granny.’ Your activity is to write a diary entry. The instructions are all on Google Classroom for you and also the pdf attached.
If you are unable to use Google Classroom, perhaps you can use the pdf attached to write a diary entry about a time in your life – perhaps you last birthday or another special day that you remember? You won’t be able to complete the ‘Quick task’ but you can use the other information in the pdf as an example to help you write your diary entry. 
Maths – There is an activity for you on reading bar graphs. Again, this is on google classroom but also attached as a pdf.
Have a look at the dream jar activity – this is on Google Classroom too. 
Stay happy Blwyddyn 5!