Year 4: Your FINAL Home Learning Update :)

Home Learning Update
1) Class Reader
For this week’s tasks YOU decide what you do! 
You can either… 
– Write a newspaper report (linked to Chapter 13) A pig has written the word ‘Terrific’ into a spider’s web! REALLY!! Your task is to write a newspaper report all about this momentous event! The locals haven’t found out about this yet and it is your job to tell them all about it. I have included a ‘Nod’ (Success Criteria) so you know what to include and an optional template to fill in. 

-Write a recount (linked to Chapter 14) So, Mrs Arable thinks poor Fern is crazy for thinking animals can talk. It must be so frustrating for Fern that her own mother doesn’t believe her! Your task is to write a recount of a time when you were telling the truth, only for those around you not to believe you (at least at first!). 

-Create a poster (linked to Chapter 15) BIG NEWS – A Fair is coming to town!!! Your task is to create a poster informing people about this fair and persuading them to go. Include pictures of all the attractions and rides which will be there (feel free to make this up completely!) and key information including the location, day/ time it is on and price of entry. 

Of course, if you want to complete all three activities you are more than welcome! (Dojo points will be provided) 

2) D.T

*Please only complete once you have done last week’s D.T task. 

Equipment needed for this task: Card, Scissors, Felt tips or Colouring pencils 

Last week you were busy filling in your D.T booklet. 
This week your task is to complete the rest of your D.T booklet! This will involve you designing and creating your own packaging to give to a character from either Narnia or Charlotte’s Web 🙂 

Page 11 of the booklet is for sketching ideas. Be as creative as possible!! 
Then, once you have chosen your favourite, draw it in fully on the next page with labels. 

Before completing the final two pages of your booklet you will notice that I have attached a document called ‘3D shape nets’. 
This is because you will actually be making your packaging that you have designed! The net you choose will depend on the shape of your packaging. Ideally, you will need thick card to print your net on. Once you have printed this, decorate your net so it matches your final design. Then you just need to cut it out and put it together. 

Your final step is to evaluate your packaging (last page of the booklet!) 

3) Transition to Y5

Your final task of Year 4 is to tell your new Year 5 teacher all about yourself! 🙂 
To do this you could ask a member of your family to film you talking about yourself, including your hobbies, likes/ dislikes, etc, you could write about yourself on Word or you could create a powerpoint presentation about yourself. 
Whatever you decide to do, I will pass what you have done onto your new teacher for them to look at 🙂 

*There will be no further tasks set this week so you have the whole week to do these assignments 🙂

Good luck!
Mr Steele