Year 4: Work for 27th and 28th April

Good morning everybody!!
At the beginning of last week you were busy learning how to tell the time on an analogue clock. This week your task is to accurately record the time digitally. I’ve attached a word document with three difficulties. If you want to challenge yourself then try the spice 3 sheet as you need to record the times on a 24 hour digital clock. Can’t remember how to do this? Don’t worry! Simply look at the Powerpoint I’ve attached and it will serve as a helpful reminder.
Your other task links to our brand new non-fiction topic, persuasive writing! I have attached a publisher document which is persuading you to visit the beautiful island of Menorca in Spain. Your task is to look carefully at how the brochure is persuading you to visit Menorca. What persuasive techniques does it use? You may notice some really positive adjectives for example which make Menorca sound particularly appealing! Next I would like you use this to come up with your own success criteria for writing a persuasive text (A checklist for people to follow so they know what to include if they’re writing their own). There are lots of other persuasive texts on the internet such as on Twinkl so feel free to look at those first before writing your success criteria.
As always all my resources will be included on Google Classroom. If you can send me the work you do on Google Classroom by Wednesday that would be great! Any problems please let me know on this platform.
Miss you lots! Mr Steele

ppt icon Digital-Time.ppt
doc icon Digital-Time-Differentiated.docx