Year 4: Work for 20th – 22nd May

Good morning!
Here are your three tasks for this week. Please note – No work will be given out throughout next week over half-term! 🙂
(1) Grammar
Although we have learned about homophones before (albeit at the start of the year!), understanding how to use them is a really important skill, hence why I would like you to do the following activities:

Spice 1 – Pages 1 and 2 of the attached booklet.
Spice 2 – Page 3.
Spice 3 – Pages 4 and 5 (Page 6 includes the answers for adults only)

Please look at the Powerpoint before doing your activity if on Google Classroom. I have tried to make the booklet editable for each child. If you are unable to edit it (apologies!!) please instead print off the sheets, handwrite your answers and ask an adult to take a picture. Alternatively you can type your answers on Google Docs and submit this way, although for page 1 you will also need to insert different pictures to match to the words.

(2) Class Reader – Charlotte’s Web
Please listen to me reading chapter 3 if on Google Classroom 🙂

What an adventurous day it’s been for Wilbur!!
Starting off with him being bored, then finding a loose board and escaping into the big, wide world and eventually (after the most epic chase ever!) being lured back into his pen. I imagine it’s a day which will live long in his memory!

Adventurous and exciting days like this are awesome! For example last year I went with my wife to London and we didn’t know where anything was. We had to use a SatNav on on my phone to get around! Also, recently I walked Travis (my dog), got lost and ended up ten miles away from my home. Typical me… I had to call my wife to rescue me (It was so embarrasing!) I imagine everyone in Year 4 has had at least one day they can think of in their life which was particularly exciting and/or adventurous!! Your task is to write a recount of this eventful day.

We wrote recounts back in Autumn term. To refresh your memories, I’ve included a nod y wers (checklist) of what to include in your recount. A recount is when you tell/ write about something which has happened in the past. Please use Google docs to complete 🙂
(3) History – The Tudors
For your last Tudor assignment you learned all about how the Tudor era started!

A key person in the Tudor era was, you’ve guessed it, Henry VIII! (VIII is roman numerals and means ‘the eighth’).
Henry VIII was particularly well known for having lots of wives and how he dealt with them when things turned sour!

Please research who Henry’s wives were and why each marriage ended. I’ve included some resources to help you with this (see Powerpoint and a rather catchy song) or feel free to do your own research instead 🙂 Use this to complete the ‘Henry VIII and his Wives Activity’. Please only do spice 1 OR spice 2. For spice 2 you will need to know the name of each wife by their picture alone, whereas for Spice 1 (on the second of the two sheets) it tells you the name underneath their picture. Please ask an adult to take a picture of this work to submit.

When you have done this please do your research task! You can either choose one of his wives to lots of research on, showing this to me in bullet point form on Google docs or Word. Alternatively you can find 2/3 interesting facts about each of his six wives.

I appreciate this is a big task. Therefore the due date is a week on Monday (1st June). To reiterate, no tasks will be set at all next week! 🙂

Mr Steele

pdf icon Homophone-Worksheets.pdf
doc icon Recount-Nod.doc
ppt icon Writing-a-recount.ppt