Year 4: Work for 1st and 2nd June

Good morning!! I hope you all had a brilliant half term 🙂

Maths activity

If on Google Classroom, please begin by watching the video of me going over four different ways in which you could subtract (compact, expanded, counting on, counting back). Apologies for the focusing issues on the video which you will notice! One method I didn’t mention was ‘mentally’. This is a great method to use if you know the answer in your head, however I would like to see your workings out for at least some of the sums.

Complete one of the following spice activities:
Spice 1 – Pages 80 and 81 (Choose either the compact or expanded method)
Spice 2 – Pages 82 and 83 (P82 – Choose any method. P83 – Use either the compact/ expanded method).
Spice 3 – Page 84 and 85 (Choose the most effective method depending on the sum).

Next, our fifth and final non-fiction lesson on persuasive writing!

Over the last four lessons you have edited a persuasive text, created a persuasive advert and devised a catchy jingle! This final activity is a chance for you to show off everything you have understood about what makes a good persuasive text.
Having finished reading ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ your activity is as follows: to write a brochure persuading people to visit the world of Narnia! That’s right, for one day only ANYBODY can visit this world. The problem is many are scared (a certain White Witch is rumoured to have returned) and Aslan is worried people won’t visit. Therefore he has personally asked Year 4 pupils to create a brochure for the public!!
Think back to what makes a good persuasive text (I expect to see rhetorical questions, adjectives to describe Narnia, clear presentation, appropriate content and more!). I’ve included my own example brochure for Google Classroom users which persuades people to visit Chirk Castle. This, as well as the checklist I’ve included, will hopefully provide you which lots of ideas when writing your brochure.
It’s up to you what you will use to write your brochure. Examples include ‘Slides’/ Powerpoint (like my Chirk Castle example), on paper or on Google docs. It may also help if you plan what goes into your brochure, before you write it. I’ve attached the planning sheet I used to write my Chirk Castle brochure as well as a blank template for you to use.
Please message me if you have any problems. Hand in date is this coming Wednesday 🙂

Mr Steele