Year 4: Work for 18th and 19th May

Good morning!
First, let’s discuss your maths task for the next two days! 
We have covered place value lots before, but with it being such an important skill please complete one of the following activities. For those who need reminding, place value is the value of digits in a number, e.g. in the number 4,265 it would have 4 thousands, two hundreds, six tens and 5 units.

Spice 1 (For pupils not confident) – Ask a parent/ older sibling to give you a number written down. If they start with a three-digit number and, if too easy, feel free to progress to a four or even five digit number. Once you have your number your task is to write down the value of the digits (E.g. for 237 you would write 200 + 30 + 7). Repetition is key so if you don’t understand at first keep trying.

Spice 2 – Page 78 of the textbook including ‘THINK’ – See attachment 🙂

Spice 3 – Create a number factsheet. In the middle write a number and then around it write facts. Example facts include the value of the digits (particularly important given the lesson) and you could also include what you would add to it to get to the next/ previous 100 and/or 1000, a word problem with this as the answer, what the factors of this number are (times tables it belongs in), etc. See my example to give you ideas!

Also attached is an optional ‘Spice 3 – Resource Sheet 527’. This task is designed to be done with another pupil, however if you have a sibling of a similar age who would be happy to play this would be perfect. Otherwise please ask an adult/ older sibling to play the role of ‘Child 2’.

Next, your non-fiction task!
We’ve all listened to the radio or watched the tv and listened to a song or jingle aimed at promoting a company/ website or persuading us to buy something! One of my favourites is the iconic 90s ‘Toys R Us’ jingle (available on YouTube) but there are lots of other examples!

Think back to the product you wanted me to buy and created an advert about last week (due in today. You will need to make sure you have done this work before you do today’s work). Well, you came close but I’ll need a jingle to seal the deal!! Remember your jingle needs to be catchy and include factual information about the product. You may also wish to include persuasive techniques such as a rhetorical question, adjectives, puns and exaggeration.

I’m sure you will have lots of fun thinking of your jingle. I’d like it written down and (if possible) a video of you and possibly others in your family performing the jingle. This can be sent to me on Google Classroom!

Good luck. I can’t wait to see what you come up with!
Mr Steele

pdf icon Number-factsheet.pdf
pdf icon Spice-3-Sheet-Resource-Sheet-527.pdf