Year 4: Weekly update

Year 4 have worked hard again this week. They have learned lots of new information about The Tudors and we have thought about what Alice is like as a person. We have also been busy learning how to count up in fractions.
Next week we will begin to learn about Henry VIII and find out what story of a kind he was. We will v=create a story board to tell the story of Alice in Wonderland and then we will use expressive and descriptive language to build tension when telling part of the story.  In maths we will continue to practise counting in fractions and then we will move on to decimal places when dividing by 10. In science we will be comparing Tudor medicine to the medicine of today and think about how it has changed. 
IMPORTANT- for the next 2 weeks PE will be on a Tuesday afternoon instead of a Wednesday so please come to school in your PE clothes on Tuesday instead. 
Tuesday is also Safer Internet Day so we will be doing some activities to learn about how to stay safe digitally. 
Have a lovely weekend.
Mrs Williams and Mr Kennard