Year 4: Weekly roundup and next week

The pupils in Y4 have worked their socks off this week. We have been busy adding and subtracting mentally, describing settings, planning a science investigation and planning a route to India. We are finishing the day with some sketching and sock pumpkin making!

Next week we will finish off our work on addition and subtraction for now and we will end the week with a problem solving activity that requires us to draw on everything tat we have learned over the last couple of weeks. We will be writing a character description for Edmund from Narnia and using the skills that we learned in literacy to write instructions for our science investigation. We will then carry out the investigation to decide which is the best material for a coat. We will continue to learn about India by looking at the human and physical features of the location. Our worship theme for next week is Care for the Earth so we will be considering all of the things that we can do to care for God’s world and learning about National Recycling Week.

Reading books are coming home today and homework is a maths activity on Abacus Active Learn.

Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs Williams, Mr Kennard and Mr Kuiper