Year 4: weekly roundup and next week

We have had such a busy week in Y4. We have mastered partitioning 4 digit numbers and we have been ordering them from smallest to largest. We went completely off plan yesterday to devise a way to recycle the milk bottles and today we have been busy learning how to print with rollers and printing ink. We have also started to paint our journey pictures for Lucy’s journey through Narnia. 
Next week we will continue to work with 4-digit numbers by comparing them and placing them on number lines. We will look at informal letter writing and we will finish our absorbency investigation. We will use what we have learned to begin designing a coat to wear in Narnia. We will also be comparing Ruabon to a less developed village in Bangladesh. 
Our theme for worship for the week will be The importance of talking to God and one another. 
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!