Year 4: Weekly round up

What a fantastic first week back in school we have had! The pupils have been very busy learning about animals and their habitats. They have classified organisms into two groups, created branching databases to sort animals, written internal monologues and begun to read Charlotte’s Web.

Next week we will continue to read Charlotte’s Web. We will be writing an exposition in groups detailing the reasons for and against keeping Wilbur. We will listen to Flight of the Bumblebee in music and in geography we will begin to learn about the effect that habitat destruction has on animals. We will also be investigating pneumatic systems and carrying out a habitat study. In maths we will recap frog method and column method for subtraction before moving onto grid method for multiplication.

PE will be on Monday with Mrs Hughes and then Thursday is swimming with Mrs Williams.

Homework this week has been set on Google Classroom but here is a reminder for anyone who would prefer to complete the task on paper

Following on from our work on habitats this week in school please choose an animal and create a fact file all about it including information on its habitat. You must include the following;
*Title stating the name of the animal
*Habitat including the country 
*Interesting facts (these could be about diet, appearance, behaviour etc).

This can be created using any method that you wish. You could make a slide show all about your chosen animal, you may choose to do a poster on a Doc or you can choose to create it by hand. We will print out all fact files and create an information book for others to read.

On Friday morning next week PC Hulley will be visiting Blwyddyn 4 and the theme for her lesson will be Stay Smart.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Mrs Williams, Mrs Hughes and Mrs Probin