Year 4: Weekly overview

Blwyddyn 4 have had lots of fun this week learning new things. This afternoon we said goodbye to Mr Kuiper, we wish him well in his new job and house. Mrs Hughes will be teaching year 4 on a Monday, the pupils all know her and will remember her from when she taught them in Year 2.

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We will be learning how to double and halve three digit numbers using partitioning. In History we will be writing an explanation to explain why Henry VIII had six wives, we will use our research from this week to inform these explanations. In literacy we will be writing a persuasive letter as Alice to persuade The Queen of hearts not to chop off the heads of the gardeners. We will also start our lessons on magnetism.

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We will be celebrating Values Day in school on Thursday so to celebrate this and to remind us of the importance of showing compassion we will be working together to create short iMovies to tell a story that involves someone showing compassion. We will also be visiting the prayer stations on Wednesday afternoon.

Homework this week is some research to inform out explanation writing next week. Please complete the sheet about Henry VIII’s wives. When you have finished it send it back into school but no later that Thursday please. Reading books are also coming home. Please note that some pupils are choosing much longer books now. They do not have to read the whole book in one week, you may keep it for as many weeks as needed. Also while we encourage some reading each day this does not necessarily have to be out loud to an adult. As long as you are listening to your child a couple of times a week and talking about the book that they are reading we are more than happy for them to enjoy reading silently to themselves.

Have a lovely weekend.

Mrs Williams, Mr Kuiper and Mrs Probin

🧡🧡🧡A message from Mr Kuiper: Thank you for the kind gifts and well wishes it is very much appreciated. I will miss Year 4 and wish them well. Thank you for all of your hard work, it has been a pleasure to teach you. 🧡🧡🧡