Year 4: Times Tables

Our maths work is currently all based around multiplications. We are doing multiplication and division, fractions of amounts and multiplication using the grid method. Pupils need to be confident with their recall of times tables in order to complete these activities.

There is a great game on Hwb that the pupils in Year 4 used last year. It is called J2 Blast and is accessed using the Hwb log on details that were sent home earlier this term.

Please try to encourage your children to play this game regularly as it is a great way to improve knowledge and recall of multiplication facts.

1. log onto Hwb using the details on the log on cards

2. click on J2e (Just2Easy)

3. click on j2blast

4. choose ttblast

You can then decide if you want to practise certain times tables or whether you want to go ‘live’ and play against other players from schools in Wales. You can score points and gain places on the leader board. You can check the leader board to check your position in the class, school or world!