Year 4: This week’s work to do

Dear all,
I hope you have enjoyed doing your Mother’s Day activity earlier on this week.
Between now and next Monday I would like you to do your maths subtraction sheet. I would also like you to do two of your times tables sheets (you choose which two). 
Finally I would like you to do your non-chronological report. With the report please take your time and ensure the work is your best. You can decide what your report is about, ideas include a report linked to a certain animal, one to do with a country, one on a famous person or you could write a report on a particular sports team. The decision is yours! Think about what a non-chronological report needs (Title, pictures, sub-headings, lots of facts, glossary (if necessary) and an introductory paragraph) and please try to make sure your report has all of these things. You can use lined paper to do this or one of the writing templates on Purple Mash or Hwb.
Good luck! Mr Steele