Year 4: This week’s tasks

Good morning!

Please see your three tasks to do by next Monday 🙂

1)  Your first task is a maths one! Specifically, to convert lengths.

To begin please look at the ‘Converting lengths’ Powerpoint. This revisits the number of mm in a cm, cm in a metre and other facts you need to know before starting your main activity.

Spice 1 – ‘Spice 1 Worksheet’/ ‘Spice 1 Extension Sheet’

Spice 2 – ‘Spice 2 Powerpoint’/ ‘Spice 2 Extension Sheet’


2) Your second task is linked to our non-fiction topic. You will be creating your very own persuasive advert!

Go on a website such as Amazon and look at one of the products currently being promoted (e.g. Amazon Echo). Think about and discuss with an adult/ older sibling what the website does to persuade people to buy it (e.g. pictures of product in different colours, emphasising positive reviews, using words like ‘bestselling’, lots of factual information, comparing favourably to other products, etc).

Next think about a ‘not-so WOW’ product (e.g. a teapot, alarm clock or even a pencil). You didn’t think I’d make it easy for you did you!  You are to use your powers of persuasion to create a persuasive advert persuading people to buy it (Look at my ‘Tea cosy’ advert for ideas). Please also see my nod-y-wers (checklist) so you know what I’m looking for.

3) Finally, your History task for this week!
You have already learned so much about the Tudors but have you ever thought about when the Tudor period took place? Was it within the last hundred years, maybe a few hundred years ago? Also, how long did it last for and what prompted the beginning of this period? You should be able to answer all these questions and more by doing this week’s task.
​ First of all look carefully at the History of Britain timeline cards (I’ve included the original for parents to look at as well as a spice 1/ spice 2 pupil versions). Your first task is to choose one of these spice tasks and unjumble the key periods of British History so that they are in the correct order. If you can  please ask an adult to take a picture when finished to show me :)​ ​ Next you will be learning about the Battle of Bosworth, the event which resulted in the Tudor period beginning! Please look at the ‘Battle of Bosworth Powerpoint’ (A different Powerpoint has been put on here compared to Google Classroom and the size of the latter was too big). Please let use thisPowerpoint to complete the ‘matching activity’ (see worksheet). This worksheet isn’t editable so please use Google docs to write the sentences in full after working out what matches with what. Extra, optional task: Please do further research into the Battle of Bosworth, using these to create a factfile sheet on the event.

As always, any problems please see me. All my resources are on Google Classroom and I use this to provide feedback on your completed work. Please ring school so that you can get the code to join if you haven’t already 🙂
Mr Steele

default icon Converting-Lengths-Pp.pptx
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