Year 4: This week’s highlights/ P.E lesson Info – Please read.

This week has been busy yet enjoyable!
Highlights include sorting organisms in our first Science lesson linked to ‘Habitats’ and recording this in the form of a Venn diagram. We then went on a Habitat Hunt where we explored all the different habitats around school and the creatures living in these. Pupils then made a Pic Collage using the photos they took.
The homework for this week is just to read their reading book. Next week they will have either english or maths homework as normal.
For the next few weeks P.E lessons will be on different days due to unavoidable circumstances. I apologise for the inconvenience this causes!! For next week indoor P.E will be on a Friday afternoon and outdoor P.E will be on a Wednesday afternoon. The following week may be different again but I will try to update you if this is the case.
Thanks, and have a lovely weekend! Mr Steele