Year 4: Safer Internet Day ‘All Fun and Games’

This morning we have been learning all about being respectful and maintaining safe relationships when online gaming and instant messaging.

We talked about the games that we play at home and learned the PEGI rating for them. We were surprised to learn that some of our favourite games have a PEGI rating of 12! Paid Random Items Notice

We learned about how to stay safe when communicating with others during an online game and we learned three very important things that we must make sure we are able to do when playing an online game or instant messaging.


We talked about how reacting ‘in the moment’ can cause problems and we learned the importance of thinking about what we are doing and how we are responding to messages that we may receive or comments that we may see when online.


Finally we acted out some scenarios. We thought about how they made people feel and then used all that we have learned to give good advice (photos to follow).

We finished the morning reflecting about how we behave and respond when online.