Year 4: Safer Internet Day 2023

Today we have been discussing how to stay safe online, especially when communicating with others. We carried out an activity called Know or Know Of. We chose four people and recorded as much information about them as possible, we then decided whether each person was someone that we know e.g. friend or family member or someone that we know of e.g. famous footballer. Then we talked about which of our four people would be safe to communicate with online. Everyone decided that it was safer to speak to people that we KNOW instead of just KNOW OF. We also discussed how not everyone online is who they say they are. Mrs Williams showed us how easy it could be for someone to pretend to be Lionel Messi by using photographs and information available online.

Mrs Williams has set everyone the task of making sure that any accounts we have are set to private instead of public and to regularly share what we do and who we talk to online with someone at home.