Year 4: Our Special Visitor Homework

Homework: To write what you learned from our visitor who lived in India.

Subject: Themau.

This week we had a special visitor who came into school on Wednesday to talk about her time living in India and to answer any questions the pupils had for her.

Your homework is to first write down what you learned from the visitor. What answers did she provide you thought were particularly cool/ interesting? Did she say anything that shocked you? Was there anything she said you found funny or maybe even bemusing about Indian life? Has it inspired you to find out more about a particular topic, e.g. Indian clothing? (Min half a page of A4 please)

Secondly, the visitor mentioned about Ganesh. Please find out more about this special God!

Hand in date: Wed 23rd Oct. Please complete on lined A4 paper and put into plastic wallet provided. This work will then be glued into pupils’ Themau books with their other work on India. Please note: There will be no homework next week for pupils to do over half-term, just their reading books.