Year 4: Online Learning Week 3

Hi everybody!
This week, as mentioned on Google Classroom, I will be setting two tasks each day rather than the usual one. These will go live at 8:45 and 11am. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday you will be given a maths activity. Today’s involves adding using the column method, Wednesday’s is to choose a mental or written method to add/ subtract and Friday’s is to do with reading weighing scales! 🙂 Your Monday R.E Task is based on looking at festivals Christians celebrate and comparing them with those others celebrate from around the world!  As always, there will be Science, Non-Fiction and Class Reader work to. In Class Reader we will of course continue doing work linked to our Narnia book.

Please make sure you are able to log into Google Classroom to find out the full details linked to your activities 🙂 Any problems, please contact school.
Thank you, and have a lovely week! Mr Steele