Year 4: Mother’s Day work

Good morning!
Last week I sent all pupils home with a pack of activities for them to do while not in school.
Over the next couple of days I would like you to do your R.E. Linked to Mother’s Day, your task is to think of a special woman in your life and firstly write a list of all the fantastic things they do for you. Examples could include buying you yummy food to eat and taking you to exciting/ interesting places.  When you have done this you are also to write a special poem about them. This could be a rhyming or non-rhyming poem. When finished please decorate accordingly. Your poem could be a traditional poem with verses of four lines, a shape poem, an acrostic poem or a different sort again. The decision is yours! Finally please write a prayer to God to thank you for all the fantastic women in this world.
You can use Purple Mash (Go into the literacy tab) or Hwb to do this. If you would prefer you can complete these activities on either the lined or plain paper provided. Also between now and Wednesday if you like to complete any of the optional tasks that would be great. I would love it if you could practise your handwriting and your spelling.
I look forward to seeing the fantastic work you complete when school resumes.
Mr Steele 🙂