Year 4: Home Learning Update

Good morning!
1) Task 1: Class Reader
Please listen to chapter 4 of Charlotte’s Web (Google Classroom). If you are not on this please visit YouTube as there are other videos of people reading this chapter of the book.
 From this chapter you will know that Wilbur is one sad, sad pig 🙁 Your task therefore is to write a recipe to make Wilbur happy again! Please look at my two recipe examples (One is considerably better than the other!) and the nod-y-wers/ checklist so you know what to include in your recipe. Your recipe can be linked to something physical, e.g. a delicious meal of slops, which Fern could read/ make for him. Alternatively it can be for something abstract, e.g. ‘Recipe for a good friend’, which Fern could follow carefully to find Wilbur the perfect companion. I look forward to reading your recipes!

2) Task 2: History

So far you have learned all about Henry VIII’s wives. While Henry’s six wives (and what happened to them!) will always help him stand out as a king, there are so many other interesting aspects to his life as a king!! For example, how did he become king, what are his views on religion, did he have any particular interests/ hobbies and how did his actions (e.g. creating his own Church of England) reflect how he was viewed by others? You could also look into things he did, e.g. composing a certain song, which have made him significant to this day! 

Your task is to look into these other aspects of Henry’s life and use this to create a factfile all about him. There are so many different areas to find out more about so I would like a minimum of 2 pages 🙂 Please use Google docs or feel free to do it handwritten. Primaryhomeworkhelp, twinkl, theschoolrun and natgeokids are all websites you could visit to do this task 🙂