Year 4: Home Learning Update

Good morning!!
Here are your two tasks:
1) History
Nod Y Wers: To write a dialogue between two people.
Have you heard of Edward VI, Year 4? 

He was known as the ‘boy king’, as he became king at just nine years old. Imagine that!! 

At this point you may wish to do your own research on Edward! Alternatively, please read ‘Edward VI facts’ document 🙂 

Back in 1547 Edward wrote a letter to Queen Katherine Parr, the then wife to his dad Henry VIII. While happy his dad is happy, as you will find out he wanted assurances from Katherine that she will continue to love Henry. 

-Read the letter from Edward to Katherine (Simplified and unedited versions included) 
-Use this letter to write a dialogue between these two people. Set it out like this: 

Henry: Good morning Katherine. 
Katherine: Good morning. How are you this fine day? 
Henry: Okay. I’ve been meaning to talk to you for some time. 

Bonus dojo points will be awarded if you can send me a video of you acting out this dialogue with a family member!! 🙂 

Extension Tasks (All optional! Dojo points awarded for each one completed). 1) Differentiated Comprehension questions 2) As the majority of you are also 9 nine years old, your task is to write the rules that you would put in place if you were king/ queen! They can be as sensible or entertaining as you like 🙂 Please ensure these are clear and presented neatly. 3) Draw a picture of Edward VI/ Colour in my template using the key provided. 

2) Class Reader (Charlotte’s Web)
Nod Y Wers: To write a descriptive piece. 

Please start by listening to my recordings of the chapters 🙂 (If not on Google Classroom please visit Youtube)

While reading/ listening to these chapters you may have noticed the detail that C.S. Lewis goes into when describing Charlotte’s ‘SOME PIG’ web, and the sense of awe the people in the farm felt when they first saw the web (Okay, it helps that they think Wilbur the pig created it!) 

When I heard the thunder/ lightning a few days ago it got me thinking about the beautiful, natural phenomenons that God provides us with! Please look at the Word document attached with some incredible examples of these!! Your task is to write a piece describing a phenomena (either one from my document or one you have found). What can be seen? heard? felt? Try to help me, as the reader, feel this miracle and the sense of wonder which would come with it when reading your work 🙂 

Your descriptive piece can either be in the third or first person. Please look at the attached Success Criteria so you know exactly what features I will be looking for when marking this work 🙂 Complete using either Word or Google docs, with (if possible) the picture at the top of the phenomena which you are describing. Aim to do a minimum of one page, size 14 font 🙂