Year 4: Home Learning Update

Good morning!
Here are your two tasks. Please complete by Wednesday 🙂

1) Non-Fiction: Expositions
Nod Y Wers: To write an exposition text independently

Here it is…… Your final lesson writing an exposition!! 

Last week you wrote an exposition text with support, this week you are to write one COMPLETELY independently! 🙂 
 You can choose whichever topic you like to base your exposition on. Whatever you choose, please make sure there are lots of for/ against arguments for you to go into before writing your conclusion 🙂 

Remember what you have learned over the last few weeks about the features required in an exposition (see lesson 3’s success criteria if you need a reminder!) You may decide to plan your exposition first using the lesson 3 planning sheet, or you may decide to go straight into writing it. 

Good luck!! Minimum of 4 paragraphs expected please, each at least 5 lines long 🙂 If you need help deciding on an exposition topic, here are a few ideas: Should weekends be three days long? Is reading the best hobby a child can have? Should food high in salt and sugar be banned? Should children be allowed to vote? Should heading the ball in football be banned? Do aliens exist? (Feel free to ignore all of these if you have your own idea!)

2) Maths: Word Problems
Nod Y Wers: To solve word problems

When solving a word problem, REMEMBER… 🙂 

-Read it at least twice 
-Jot down/ highlight the key information 
Decide what sum you will need to do 
-Write down your workings out/ answer 
-CHECK your answer (Ideally using a different method) 

Activities: Spice 1: Page 91. Spice 2: Page 92. Spice 3: Above + Optional: Cube puzzles