Year 4: Home Learning Update

Good morning!
Here are your three tasks (Due in date: Monday 29th June)
1) R.E
Nod Y Wers: To recognise symbols of the Jewish faith

-Begin by looking at the list of Jewish artifacts on the attached Powerpoint (slide 2). 
 At this point Spice 3 children – Use tablets/ laptops/ books to research the meaning of each of these words and write what they are used for. Do not look at the rest of the powerpoint as it will give the answers away 🙂 

Spice 1 and Spice 2 children – Continue looking at the rest of the Powerpoint. When finished…. 
– Spice 1 – Using your knowledge from the Powerpoint, match up the pictures with the meanings (see sheet). 
– Spice 2 – Pupils write on matching sheet what the artifacts are (using what you have learned from the Powerpoint). Key words are included at the bottom to help you. 
Spice 3 – Research 

Extension Task: See Powerpoint 🙂

2) Class Reader – Charlotte’s Web
Nod Y Wers: To create an internal monologue
Please listen to the recording of chapters 8 and 9 of Charlotte’s Web on YouTube, or if you have the book feel free to read them instead.
 Your task is to take on the role of a character by creating an internal monologue, following the events of chapter 9! 

What’s an internal monologue? 
A monologue is where you share your thoughts. 
Internal means ‘inside’, e.g. in somebody’s head. 
Therefore an internal monologue is where a character voices their thoughts, but does so mentally (Imagine a thought bubble next to them). 

It’s up to you which character you take on the role of. 
You could do one as Fern, Wilbur, Charlotte or all three!! 

It’s also up to you how you present your internal monologue! You could draw a scene from chapter 9, either on paper or using technology, (e.g. showing Wilbur trying to weave a web) and then draw/ write a thought bubble as Wilbur. In this example you could also do the same with both Charlotte, responsible for giving Wilbur feedback, and an onlooking Fern. 

Another way would be for you to role-play a scene from chapter 9 (you would need willing adults/ siblings to participate). Then, when somebody shouts ‘FREEZE’, the camera would turn to each character who would spend a few seconds sharing their inner thoughts! 

3) Grammar
Nod Y Wers – To understand how to use apostrophes to show possession.
Start by viewing the powerpoint if you need a recap on how to use apostrophes to show possession! 🙂 
Activity: See attached ‘Showing possession’ sheet (Please record your answers on a separate word/ Google doc). 
 Included are the answers for adults only!! 🙂