Year 4: Home Learning Update

Good morning!
Here are your three tasks to do this week:
1) Class Reader
Please begin by visiting YouTube to see somebody ready Chapter’s 6 and 7 of the book (links included on the Year 4 Google Classroom).
Please watch these videos now before continuing to read on.

Who can believe it that every year all of the farm workers plan to kill the pigs! This isn’t good news for poor Wilbur. Wilbur is understandably extremely upset about this. It seems however that Charlotte the spider has a plan to save Wilbur! I wonder what it is…. 

Your task is to write an email, as Wilbur to Charlotte, (using Google docs or Word) explaining your feelings when you found out the farm workers’ plan to have all the pigs killed each year, ready for Christmas. You could also go into detail about how grateful you are to Charlotte for saying that she would try to save him, but how even with her saying this you are still very worried! Try to include a minimum of two paragraphs, each a minimum of five lines long. 
I would also like you, underneath, to write an email from Charlotte responding to Wilbur! Don’t go into detail about your specific plans to save him (Charlotte doesn’t give secrets away that easily!), but instead focus on the bond you have with Charlotte and your desire to do whatever it takes. Minimum of two paragraphs also needed 🙂 

Extension Task (Optional! Dojo point awarded if you complete to a high standard) Think of your own way Charlotte could save Wilbur. Write a set of instructions for her, which she could then carry out. Remember to include numbered steps, a list of equipment, time connectives and pictures! 🙂

2) R.E
Please begin by visiting the Topmarks website to view the ‘Story of Moses’

Spice 1 – Match up the simplified sentences to the pictures (already in the correct order). 

Spice 2 – Organise the pictures into the correct order. Then choose the paragraph that links to each picture, gluing that in next to/ underneath it. 

Spice 3 – First organise the pictures. Next you need to write what is happening in each picture! Included are some keywords to help you. 

 Feel free to do this work either on paper (take a photo afterwards) or using a laptop. I have tried to make the attached documents editable! (Fingers crossed) As always, any problems please send me a message 🙂 

3) Special Occasions: Father’s Day
Father’s Day is on this Sunday (21st June). Father’s Day is a day to honour not only the fantastic dads out there but also the equally amazing stepdads, uncles, granddads and any other special person in your life! 

Your task is to make something to mark this occasion. When you have finished please ask an adult to take a picture of this for Google Classroom, before giving it to this special person on Sunday. Try not to let them see it until Sunday so it is a complete surprise! You could decide to make a nice father’s day card (I’ve attached lots of examples) or you may have a completely different idea in mind. Remember you don’t necessarily need any resources, e.g. you could write/ perform a song! 

Whatever you decide to do, I can’t wait to see it! Mr S