Year 4: Home Learning Update

Good morning!
I hope you’re all okay 🙂 

Here are your tasks for the remainder of this week:

1) Science
Learning Intention: To investigate how much water plants need. 

Last month you were all busy investigating the role of leaves in a plant. Do they even need them! Well, (Spoiler alert) yes, they do!! Leaves are vital to helping the plant grow. Through a process called photosynthesis (what a tricky word) leaves convert sunlight into food. Impressive stuff! 
Now, for today’s work. We all know plants need water to grow. However I have a problem, I’ve been watering my plant lots and lots and it still died! It got me wandering, why was this? Could it have been the amount of water I gave it? 
Over the next couple of weeks I your task is to plant some seedlings (Ideally as many as eight, each in a different pot) and give each of them water. To investigate the optimum (best) amount of water they need though, you need to give them different amounts. An example would be to give two of the seedlings 5ml of water, two with 20ml, two with 40ml and two with 100ml, although feel free to have your own measurements. The reason it’s best to have two seedlings with the same amount of water is because plants/ seedlings can easily die. This can be due to a multitude of factors, making it less likely to form an accurate conclusion. 
Just after planting, use the headings on the attached  ‘investigation headings’ sheet to write down some information. This includes the equipment you will use, what you will measure and (importantly!) a detailed prediction regarding which seedlings you think will grow the best and why. Then measure your seedlings every day (over a two week period) recording your results in a table. Finally construct a graph, either on Hwb, Purple Mash or on paper to show your results and write a conclusion regarding what you found out/ why. 
If unable to get any plant, please instead use books/ internet to look into why water is so important to plants. Good luck! I’m looking forward to hearing what you have learned from doing this work! 🙂

2) History
Learning Intention: To learn about Henry VIII’s break with Rome.

Please only complete if you have already done your Henry VIII Factfile task 🙂 

Henry VIII wanted to divorce Catherine of Aragon, but he had to ask the Pope if he would let him. This was because in 1500 there was only one kind of Christian Church, the Catholic church. Its leader was the Pope. He was a powerful man, with great wealth and even his own army. He believed in marriage for life. He did not recognise, let along support, divorce! Activity: Read Henry VIII’s diary (See file) explaining his desire to divorce Catherine. Use this to write a detailed prediction of what you think will happen. Will the pope allow his marriage with Catherine of Aragon be annulled (cancelled)? Activity 2 Write a diary entry from the perspective of Catherine of Aragon. Does she suspect Henry wants rid!? 

Extension Task Please use books/ the internet to look into what actually happened after Henry asked the Pope for divorce. The attached Powerpoints may provide you will some support when doing this.

3) Class Reader
Learning Intention: To Write a Recount.

If on Google Classroom, please listen to me reading Chapter 5 of Charlotte’s Web. Also included is a link to the text ( meaning you can read the chapter with me 🙂 

Think about Wilbur‘s attitude towards Charlotte. Was he right to think her so bloodthirsty? What does this tell us about judging people on first impressions? Your task is to write a recount about a time when you made a snap judgement about somebody, only to later change your opinion when you got to know them! Attached is a recount success criteria so you know what features I am looking for (e.g. past tense, chronological order, etc). 

Extension Task: Research facts about spiders! Use Slides/ Powerpoint to complete this task. Please hand in by next Monday 😊