Year 4: Half Term Homework

Year 4 have worked really hard this half-term and just have a short homework to do for me next week! I hope everybody has a happy/ safe half-term and I will see you back on Monday 4th March 😊


Last week Year 4 wrote a story with the moral ‘Don’t think you’re better than anybody else’. After half-term we will be rewriting this story, making sure the moral is the same, but with a bit of a twist! Pupils will be adding a new character.

This week pupils made their character on the ‘Build your Wild Self’ website and wrote a factfile (e.g. personality, hobbies). Your homework is to plan your story, thinking carefully about how you will incorporate your new character.

Please hand in this homework on the first day back! (Monday 4th March) Pupils will then be using this plan to actually write their story.

*Pupils were also provided with a  template to do their plan on.