Year 4: Friday Fun

Today’s been a great day in Year 4.
This morning we were revisiting the world of fractions. Specifically, equivalent fractions! Pupils were able to physically move the fraction blocks to help them understand the concept, helping them identify/ write down various different examples in their books.
After lunch pupils finished their recounts of a memorable journey. I was very impressed with the work I did manage to see, and what was fantastic was these pupils used my verbal feedback to help improve their work. Pupils are increasingly able to independently identify areas in their own work which are particularly super, which they highlight in pink, and areas in need of improvement which they highlight in green. This then helps them improve their work during future lessons.
After lunch we played ‘Sentence factor’. Pupils were tasked with including the words ‘vacant’, ‘swagger’, ‘tongue-tied’ and ‘grating’ – all in a short story between 5-8 lines. Pupils did a fantastic job. The word of the day chart that Mr Steele has starting using has proved a big hit, and I couldn’t be happier!
Homework this week will be given out on a Monday due to not managing to change all reading books today.Apologies for any inconvenience this causes.
Have a great weekend! Mr Steele