Year 4: Details about next week!

Next week is Olympic Week!
The country Year 4 pupils will be representing is India!!
Each week pupils will be doing an activity linked to a different event (e.g. throwing, jumping, ball skills, etc). We will also have an opening and closing ceremony on Monday and Friday.
On Monday, ready for the opening ceremony, please can pupils come in the ‘India’ themed t-shirts they have worked on in class. If they didn’t manage to get them finished pupils are to instead come into school in their normal outdoor P.E kit. I will then give them time to finish them off and change into their t-shirts afterwards.
On Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday pupils are to come in their outdoor P.E kit. On Friday, like Monday, pupils are to come in their India t-shirt ready for the closing ceremony.
As we are representing India, for your homework please can you research some interesting facts about your country! 
Thank you. Have a lovely weekend!
Mr Steele