Year 4: A fun day all round!

What a great day Year 4 have had today.
This morning we were playing lots of games with the learning intention being to write more detailed sentences. One of the games involved adding an exciting opener to boring sentences, another involving adding an exciting ending and to finish we played a quick game of word association. Pupils then used these words (e.g. mango – juicy, fruit, delicious, orange, etc) in the form of a sentence.
This afternoon in Science to finish we played a great game of last man standing. As we were learning about the best material for a window and deciding on glass, pupils had to take it in turns to say an object either made completely or partially out of glass. The catch: they had only five seconds to answer. If they didn’t answer within 5 seconds, gave a wrong answer or gave an answer somebody else had said they were out! The pupils really enjoyed it.
A quick reminder to finish, tomorrow as normal is outdoor P.E. If you haven’t already got your outdoor p.e kit in school please bring it in.
See you tomorrow! Mr Steele