Year 3: What a wonderful week!

We have thoroughly enjoyed our topic week, ‘Lights, camera, action!’
Today, we have been responding to some famous movie music. We finished the week with a fabulous awards ceremony.7C35A3E5-73AA-4D9B-9C48-B5C95D588664.jpeEC5AA0F1-8EDF-47E3-89D8-CF30EB237352.jpe8FD65073-D76C-4A0B-A34A-F5C9D74C3E3B.jpeCB00EDD4-E745-4DBD-AC44-322B1850F972.jpe214D1EC1-15B0-4416-9F59-92DDFDC034E7.jpe
Your homework this week is on Google Classroom. It is under ‘Homework’ and is called ‘Movie Poster.’ Your task is to create an eye-catchy, persuasive poster to encourage other people to watch your favourite movie. You can do this on document attached to the task or on paper if you would prefer (Please upload a photo of your paper poster if you can).
Da iawn Blwyddyn 3, you really have been stars this week! 
Mrs Burgess, Miss Powell, Mr Kuiper and Mrs Hughes