Year 3: Week beginning May 10th

We have lots planned for next week!
In Maths, we will return to looking at Place Value, this time with 3-digit numbers. We will order numbers, add and subtract them.
We will complete our work on Boudicca, publishing our final reports full of all of the interesting information we have found. We will also be designing a purse for Boudicca, thinking back to our work on Celtic patterns and designs. We will use our Numeracy skills to plot a fortune graph of Boudicca’s life, deciding which were the happy and which were the sad times. 
We have been using our role play area in class, ‘Siop Dillad’ to have conversations in welsh. We will move on to written conversations between a shop keeper and customer in a clothes shop.
In Science, we will investigate magnets. We will think about examples of magnets and how they are used. We will also investigate different materials, predicting and finding out which are attracted to magnets and which are not. 
We will think about what we would like to find out about our local church, St Mary’s. We will also think about Ascension and Mental Health week in our Class Worship.
Please return any completed reading books on Monday. These will then be changed and sent home on Thursday. Remember to come to school dressed in PE kit on Tuesday. 
We hope that you have a lovely weekend!
Mrs Burgess, Miss Powell and Mr Kuiper.