Year 3: Topic Launch: Turrets and Tiaras/ Dressing up on Monday


To launch our brand new topic: ‘Turrets and Tiaras’, Y3 pupils went on a brand new, exciting adventure together to a castle! It was FABULOUS! We had to tread carefully through the dark, murky forest to get there, work together to open  the heavy door and when we finally saw the princess there was the noise of increasingly loud footsteps and we had to escape through the trap door!!

Back in class pupils mind-mapped what they saw and they chose something from their mindmap to write describing words around. They then happened when they went back to the castle without Mr Steele.

It was super fun and on Monday we’ll continue our topic by going to the fairytale café!

Pupils are welcome to come dressed up in smart clothes to mark this occasion!

(Please bring suitable footwear with you ready for P.E in the afternoon. You may bring these in a bag and you can change into them after lunch).

Pupils will be given the option of having a drink (orange squash) which they’ll need to actually pay for using the schools’ play money and then it’ll be time to look at the menu! Pupils will have a great time I’m sure!

Homework this week will be reading books.

Have a GREAT weekend! See you on Monday.

Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton