Year 3: Summary of this week

Good morning.
I hope everybody had a nice weekend! 🙂
Here is a summary of this week’s lessons…
-In maths we’ll be finishing off estimating/ measuring volumes of water, weighing objects, converting measurements (e.g. grams to kilograms, millilitres to litres) and we’ll be solving word problems linked to length, volume/ capacity and weight.
-In Health and Wellbeing we’ll be learning more about recycling. Pupils will be sorting the rubbish in the different recycling bins!
-In Science as part of our ‘moving and growing topic’, pupils will be learning the difference between vertebrates and invertebrates and in a separate session will also be learning about the different types of skeletons.
-Thursday is one of our values days. This time pupils will be doing activities linked to compassion, one of which is to write/ draw a picture about a time they showed compassion. 
-Friday afternoon is our marble jar treat. For more details please look at the dedicated post I put on the website about this.
Thank you and have a lovely week everybody!
Mr Steele