Year 3: Summary of next week’s learning

Good afternoon,
I hope everybody has had a lovely week!
Summary of next week’s learning:
-Maths: Ordering numbers, placing two-digit numbers on a number line.
-Health and Wellbeing: Creating Recycling posters.
-Science: Learning about muscles in our body.
-Science/ P.E: Learning abut effects of exercise on our body.
-Art: Using style of Louise Jones to paint Ruabon landmark pictures.
-Music: Listening to and appraising songs from Welsh artists.
-Welsh: Writing a conversation linked to the ‘Y Parti Gwisg Ffansi’ (The fancy dress party) text we have been reading.
-R.E: Making a Powerpoint linked to St Mary’s, Church.
On Friday we are launching a brand new topic: ‘Fairytales!’
I can’t wait for pupils to develop both their imagination and creativity in this exciting new topic. 
I am sure it will be a lot of fun! 🙂
Finally, please head over to Google Classroom for this week’s homework.
I was very impressed by the standard of work produced for last week’s recycling homework. Bravo Y3!
Have a lovely weekend!
Mr Steele