Year 3: Summary of next week’s learning

Good afternoon,
I hope you’re all having the best Easter holidays!! 😁
Here is a summary of our learning over the next couple of weeks….
Topic: Fairytales (Ongoing)
-Recapping on quarter/ half/ three-quarter/ full turns
-Identifying right angles within objects in class.
-Fortune graphs.
Literacy/ Humanities
-Using our imagination to adapt stories (thinking about change in perspective).
Welsh – Describing others in the third person (E.g. Mae hi’n, Mae o’n…)
R.E – Reading and retelling the story of baby Moses.
Music – Planning/ composing a piece of music linked to a fairytale.
P.E – Final Golf lesson.
I’m really looking forward to delivering these lessons! There is lots of ICT which will be used including padlets, Adobe presentations which I am sure all of the pupils will enjoy.
Library visits will continue on a Friday, something all of the children have responded really well to.
Due to the training day there will be no visit on the week beginning May 2nd.
Thank you and enjoy the rest of the holidays!!
Mr Steele