Year 3: Summary of Next Week – Cana returns!

Summary of next week’s learning:

In maths we are looking at right angles (identifying what right angles are and objects that are more than/ less than a right angle). We are also recapping on properties of 2D shapes, something we originally looked at back in October!

In literacy pupils are writing a report on Wrexham in pairs/ small groups. We will also be going on our  walk around Ruabon on Tuesday. This, combined with a research task they will be doing later this week, will help them when writing their own independent report on Ruabon after Easter!

In Science pupils are looking into how muscles work and creating a poster to show this. Pupils have loved learning about how our body works. It’s been lovely to see!

In addition to all of this Cana from the Music Cooperative will be returning this Monday (1pm) for another fun workshop followed by our library visit at 2pm. It’s a fun afternoon not to be missed.

Homework is to find out some interesting facts about Ruabon. You can write these down on paper or I’ll put an assignment on G. Classroom should you wish to write it on there instead.