Year 3: Remote Learning Update 1/3/21

Bore da pawb! 

Today is a very special day, as it is St David’s Day! Please keep a look out in our Google Classroom Stream every day this week, for activities to celebrate St David’s Day and the wonderful country of Wales that we live and learn in! 
We will be doing lots of Wales-themed activities this week, which will bring our topic of ‘Our local area in Wales’ to a close. We will be learning about St David himself, listening to information and carrying out research that we will present in our own chosen way. We will be using our work from last week ‘Wonderful Wales’ in order to write poems. We will be aiming to include the adjectives, alliteration and simile sentences that we prepared last week. We will also look at the work of Gwilym Pritchard, a Welsh artist. We will use his work to inspire artwork of our own. And, what better way to end the week, than to sing some Welsh songs?! Wales is well-known for its fantastic singing after all! 
In Maths this week, we will be working on placing numbers on number lines and rounding them to the nearest ten and hundred. We will end the week with a recap of some of the concepts we have covered in the last few weeks. 
We will also be celebrating another special day on Thursday of this week- World Book Day! We have a special video sent by the author Stuart Reid. He has also promised to answer any of your questions, so I will collecting those from you on Thursday. Keep checking our Google Classroom stream on Thursday too, as you may find some photos or videos might pop up!  Image.jpeg
Please remember that we are here to help you. We look forward to another week of learning with you all.  Mrs Burgess, Miss Powell and Mr K.