Year 3: Reflecting on this week/ Next week summary

This week we’ve been busy learning about recycling!
It fits in with our local area topic as we want to look after our lovely village and avoid landfills having to be made with all of our rubbish.
Pupils responded well to the lesson and learned a lot from the sorting activity. Many have eagerly said things they will try to do from now on including taking soft plastics to the supermarket and putting them in the special bin 🙂

As well as this we’ve continued doing lovely painting, inspired by Louise Jones, (I will try to put some pictures of pupils’ beautiful artwork next week) and they have done some fantastic written work on Ruabon!

Next week we will start our new topic!
To avoid spoilers I will avoid revealing what it is just yet! Needless to say I’m sure on Tuesday pupils will come home and hopefully be full of enthusiasm about the learning/ activities to come.

As well as this pupils’ will start learning french and on Tuesday we will be giving back to our community by doing a litter-pick around Ruabon. 

There is no library due to the bank holiday on Monday. The P.E pupils usually do on this day will instead happen on Wednesday as pupils will be doing hula-hooping with Sasha (expert coming into school). Pupils are to come into school in the uniform as normal for this.

Your homework (due in Wednesday) is to write a factfile on King Charles III. This can be handed in on paper or through Google Classroom, where there is also an example for you to look at.

Have a lovely weekend.
See everybody on Tuesday!

Mr Steele