Year 3: Pasg Hapus!

We have reached the end of another great week. The pupils have worked so well during the past two weeks at school and it has been lovely to have them all back in class. We have enjoyed making some Easter crafts and pupils will have brought these home today.
After Easter, we will be writing diary entries, imagining that we are Celts. A part of this will be looking at past tense verbs – I have set a homework for you on our Google classroom to help prepare for this. You will need to select appropriate verbs and also find the correct past tense forms of verbs. I have also added some links to some fun Maths games that you can try, both over the Easter break and beyond. 
As well as writing diary entries, we will be creating databases after Easter too. These will help us to store information about the Celtic artefacts from Bronwen the Celt. We have already used books and the Internet to name and find information about each artefact. Our databases will help us to store this information. 
We will be tracing Celtic patterns and listening to music about invaders too. In Cymraeg, we will begin to learn about ‘Dillad’ (clothes) and in Science, we will be investigating simple circuits. This will involve us using our problem solving and team working skills, as we will be challenged to make a bulb light up, make a buzzer buzz and make a motor spin. We will also draw some simple circuit diagrams. 
In Maths, we will be moving on with place value and number bonds to 100, as well as adding 2-digit numbers using partitioning. 
We would like to wish you all a wonderful Easter break – Pasg Hapus! 
We look forward to seeing you all again at the start of the Summer Term. 
Mrs Burgess, Miss Powell and Mr Kuiper.