Year 3: Our first library visit

Today’s library visit went very well.
We got soaked going there/ back but whilst there we had a great time.
All pupils have taken library books home (up to 2). Some have opted to give me their library card for safekeeping whilst others have kept theirs. We will return next Monday and, if pupils have finished their book/s, they can return them for two new ones. They have got a book bag to keep them in safe.
I have told pupils to have a think if there are any books they really want to read as the staff may already have them in Ruabon Library or they can loan them from a different library! Think of authors that you really like Y3 – They may have a new book that’s just come out!!
If pupils do not bring any of their books back next Monday, assuming they have taken two out they will not be able to borrow any more until they bring at least one of them back.
Thank you for all being so well behaved!
Mr Steele and Mrs Whitehall