Year 3: Our Day and a Look Ahead to Next Week

Today pupils have been busy adding and subtracting using place value in maths, we’ve started doing gymnastics in P.E (due to the weather it was indoors) and while some have been planning their assemblies in R.E, others have had time in the areas. The work they have produced, all independently, have been fabulous!!

Next week is our FINAL week doing Celts and will mark the start of our new topic (More details to be revealed!) Pupils will be filming a video which shows off everything they have learned in the topic.

For homework I’ve put a link on Google Classroom to some addition and subtraction games that you may wish to play (ties in with what we’ve been doing in maths). You’ve also got your reading books to read please. These need to be in for next Wednesday ready to get a new book next week.

Have a great weekend!
Mr Steele and Mrs Leighton