Year 3: Next Week

We are fast approaching the end of term and the end of the school year – time is flying by! 
Next week, we will be completing our fairy tale stories. We will also be doing other activities, linked to our Fairy Tales topic. We will be creating fortune graphs – these will show how a fairy tale character is feeling at different points of the story. We will also be creating trailers, imagining that our stories have been made into movies! We will email a fairy tale character too. We will create pictures to show relationships in fairy tale stories. 
We will create our mosaic next week, ready to enter the Mosaic Competition run by the British Ironworks Museum.
We will also be thinking about ourselves lots next week and having some time to reflect. We will think about what we like best about ourselves and the things that are most important to us. 
In Maths, we will do some more work on 3-digit numbers. 
There is some homework on Google Classroom called ‘Once upon a picture.’ This will be the last homework set this year! I will also collect reading books in for the last time next week. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
Mrs Burgess and Miss Powell.